Pitch Print Time
0.3mm 1h40min
0.1mm 3h17min

*No support material is required.

What can?

Easily put together

It has fewer parts than ordinary 3D puzzles and can be easily put together.


Decoration parts can be used to decorate "EduColons" and coins.


Combined with "My Platform",can be displayed in museum style.

Recommend Filament

Other Models

Opinion box

Please feel free to write requests and impressions!

If there is a problem with model or manual, I will accept it from here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you have the free versions of the models with the names in English for each one of the base? The pictures shows the names in English but the models don’t contain that base…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great site.
    Just one thing.
    The base plate for the models with the dinosaur name is in Japanese and not English

    1. kuwagata says:

      My apologies. I did not notice.
      The plate has been updated to English.

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