How to use TinkerCad

1.Let’s learn how to operate!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to operate TinkerCad while completing the theme written on the yellow sign. In addition, this tutorial comes with a limited capsule toy (1 type each for JobEgg!, Cutea Cup, and Mozi Daurma).

Challenge yourself and get all! You can of course put the downloaded capsule toys in the “Edu Colon”.

2.Let’s make original coin!

Once you know how to operate it, let’s make your own coin.You can use the decoration parts attached to “3Dino Puzzle” and “Animal Ensemble” for the coin pattern.

Choose your favorite 3D puzzle and turn it into a coin!

3.Let’s make original JobEgg and Cutea Cup!

Finally, let’s try to create a 3D object. You can freely change the equipment in “JobEgg!”, and you can change the pattern of “Cutea Cup” to your likes.